Single-Minded Messaging: What's the Point?

What Can Healthcare Learn From A Bottle Of Soda?

When you provide your customer with a consistent, single-minded messaging every time they experience your brand they don't just remember THAT they should buy it... they remember WHY they should buy it.  How else would everyone in the world know that they should "grab a Coke and a smile?"

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Your brand is not for everyone.  You know that.  However, your brand is probably for a lot more people than are currently using or prescribing it.  But how are THEY supposed to know that?  Simple. The same way people know that any product or service is "for" them - marketing and branding.  Many in the pharma industry give no more than lip-service to marketing - much less branding. These folks often point to ATUs and such, citing high awareness as justification to let up on strategic brand reinforcement initiatives or they let their messaging creep a little bit here and a little bit there.  

But awareness is not an endpoint... it's merely the starting point.

Of course, marketing does that whole awareness thing very well. But marketing is about far more than just creating awareness.  And products and services need a lot more that mere awareness.  People are aware that Coke, and Nike, and BMW, and Frosted flakes exist.  Yet those brands still engage in vigorous marketing efforts. And in case you think that the benefit of continued strategic message reinforcement - long after awareness has been established - is only done by those with millions of dollars in the budget... ask yourself why the Chinese restaurant in town still has a sign out front, runs ads in the local paper, and puts those flyers under your windshield wipers at the train station. Isn't everyone already aware of egg rolls?  

What is needed if mere awareness isn't enough? Powerful brands look to drive three key things...

  1. Top of Mind Awareness: not just "made aware at one time" awareness, but "remain aware, always aware, especially aware at the right time" awareness
  2. Message Association: it's not enough for customers to just be aware that something exists - even if they are top-of-mind aware. The customer needs to know what your brand means to them. If they don't associate a specific, compelling message with your brand... awareness is meaningless. 
  3. Consistent Reinforcement: every time someone comes in contact with your product or service you need them to receive the same, consistent communication, messaging, and experience. At a minimum that will help prevent your customer from simply being confused. Done well, it will continue to build and strengthen the customer's relationship with your brand. 

When your customer gets consistent, reinforcing messaging every time they experience your brand they don't just remember to buy it... they remember WHY they should buy it.  

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